UPDATE Pik Lenin 2022 and Expeditions in 2023

We have two places available for the Pik Lenin Expedition in July 2022. If you are interested, please contact us directly: info(at) or +41 79 532 67 34.

Due to numerous interested people, we have decided to add the Pik Lenin to our annual portfolio. The expedition will take place in July 2023. Furthermore, it became apparent that there is a demand for an (adventurous) multi-day trekking in the Alay Valley. Combined with cultural activities, such a trip offers a great way to discover Southern Kyrgyzstan and its people. Detailed information will be released on our website in the next few weeks.


Plan smart. Risk skillfully. Climb safe.

There are two fundamental factors for success on an expedition. On one hand, it is the ability to accept the unknown and leave the ordinary behind. On the other hand, it is crucial to DO it. Starting an adventure. Setting off on a freezing cold night. The ascent in rainy weather to the high camp. The perseverance during storms in the tent. And indeed the suffering in high altitudes. To DO it; easy and challenging at the same time. However, it is always worth it. Whether you are standing on the summit, enjoying a sunrise, or sitting back in your tent with tea and noodle soup: this is an adventure!

SaryVenture supports you on the way to your alpine adventure goal. We reduce uncertainty to a minimum through careful planning and organization. Furthermore, we coach you on a wide range of topics related to mountain sports and expeditions, from route planning and expedition logistics to training scheduling and technical

We approach the second success factor as follows: we DO it. SaryVenture manages your expedition and takes responsibility for logistics, base camp support, and many other things. Individually, efficiently and professionally.

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Since summer 2021, SaryVenture has run the SarySoul Mountainlodge in the Kyrgyz Pamirs. Located in the Alay Valley, SarySoul Mountainlodge is an ideal starting point for trekking, expeditions, and ski mountaineering.

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SaryVenture supports you on the way to your personal alpinism goal – from the planning to the logistics on the mountain.

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