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Are you dreaming of your expedition in Kyrgyzstan? An adventure on a remote mountain? A beautiful ridge or even a challenging first ascent? SaryVenture supports you. We organize transport, logistics on the mountain, administrative affairs, and more. Customized, flexible, and professional.

Before starting an expedition, you will undoubtedly want to define a reasonable goal. According to our experience, mountaineers traveling for the first time to the Pamirs have difficulties finding and evaluating appropriate objectives. We will discuss your preferences and wishes during an online or live meeting (depending on the COVID situation) in the first phase. In a second phase, we will develop and present you with a selection of possible expedition goals in the Pamir Alay.

The entire expedition preparation is complex and demanding, especially for inexperienced mountaineers. SaryVenture helps you to plan your expedition and gives you valuable tips. We can provide detailed information and simplify your planning for an expedition in the Pamir Alay through our solid network.

To prepare your expedition, the following topics can be addressed:

  • Travel schedule and general planning of the expedition (in terms of dates and space);
  • Preparation and definition of the required equipment;
  • Planning of the transport logistics (shifts with vehicles, base camp transports etc.);
  • Planning of base camp and high camp logistics;
  • Planning of essential support services (e.g., employment of base camp cook, Kyrgyz guides, high camp porters, etc.);
  • Planning of your training and personal preparation;

Are you ready for your adventure? We are excited! Because SaryVenture will take care of you during the entire expedition. We organize all the on-site activities and ensure that your expedition runs as smoothly as possible. We take care of all the agreed services and support you where needed.

Get in touch with us via the contact form. We are looking forward to a meeting with you.


SaryVenture supports you on the way to your personal alpinism goal – from the planning to the logistics on the mountain.

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